The college now establishes the animal medicine specialty, the animal medicine specialty(betaking the prevention and cure of the pet disease) and animal pharmacy specialty, which have been rated as the national characteristic specialty, Guangdong province university famous brand specialty and the Guangdong province key specialty. Approved to establish the innovative trial plot of the Cultivation of the National Talents, we aslo found the national teaching team and national experimental teaching demonstration center. During the twelfth Five-year Plan, about 1703 undergraduate and graduate students were trained. We have won 4 quality engineering projects at the national level, 1 first prize in provincial teaching achievements and 35 teaching reform projects at the national, provincial and school levels. Ten students were selected for the '211 Project'-the doctoral Program for innovative talents cultivation, and the state  project of cultivating the high-level student abroad by governmental support. Besides, 5 undergraduates have been awarded the 'Sino-American Cooperation training DVM' program of the National Fund for studying abroad. What’s more, our students won the first prize of the Competition of the Animal Medicine skill of the National College Students for 3 consecutive times.