Complete disciplines includes of class-I veterinary medicine doctor and master degree authorization sites and post doctoral flow station of veterinary medicine. With the state key disciplines of preventive veterinary medicine, province class-I key disciplines of veterinary medicine, province class-II key disciplines of basic veterinary medicine and clinical veterinary medicine. There was National Joint Laboratory for the prevention and control of human and animal both diseases, the Reference Laboratory of national veterinary drug residues, The National Laboratory of veterinary drugs for safety assessment (Environmental Assessment), the key laboratory of Agricultural department for animal vaccines created and the National Risk Assessment Laboratory of Veterinary Microbiology Drug Resistance, and have the Key Laboratory of preventive and control for Guangdong Province animal-origin human and animal both diseases, Guangdong province key laboratory of veterinary drugs development and safety evaluation. The key laboratory of comprehensive prevention and control for major diseases in Guangdong province veterinary clinical practice, the Chinese Traditional Medicine and Natural Medicine Engineering Technology Research Center for Guangdong province veterinary, Guangdong province PET Engineering Technology Research Center. And also have the animal and biology safety class-III laboratory, livestock and poultry products quality supervision and inspection center of Agricultural Ministry (Guangzhou) and animal hospital teaching practice center etc.,